QVAVC Codec Application Software


Application Update Instructions (Models: QVAVC-SD, QVAVC-HD and QVAVC-HD-Lite ONLY)

WARNING: If you have a QVAVC-HD-LITE, DO NOT UPGRADE TO verion 116 without contacting QVidium first.

Please follow these steps below to update your QVAVC series codec:
(Warning: DO NOT use to update QVSDI or QVMP2C codecs!)

  1. Stop all video streams (stop encoder, decoder and transcoder if running)
  2. Reboot the QVAVC Codec
  3. Download and save the file qvavc-XX.pkg to your computer (XX is the version number)
  4. Go to the QVAVC codec using your web browser and click on System/Update
  5. Browse to the file you downloaded and click Update
    After waiting up to about 30 seconds for the file to download, the screen should say Updating and your update should begin.
  6. After the screen says Update finished, Power Cyle your codec (unplug and replug power cord) to reset your codec.

PC Application Software


Hints for Minimizing Bitrates

Audio Notes

To minimize wasted audio ovehead and minimize audio bitrates, you should set one of the following:

  1. Set the Audio Bitrate to 56 Kbps and the Sample Rate to 48 KHz. Encoding MUST be AAC (results in 63 Kbps); or
  2. Set the Audio Bitrate to 64 Kbps and the Sample Rate to 32 KHz. Any audio encoding (results in 84 Kbps)

At low bitrates, we have found that MPEG1/Layer2 Audio Encoding sounds best.
(Note: setting MPEG1/Layer2 to 56 Kbps results in a total of 126 Kbps audio overhead.)

Low-Bitrate Encoder Settings

On the Encoder menu:

  1. Click on "Default" to reset the Encoder Profile.
  2. Then set the following:
On basic tab: On Advanced tab:
Video Bit Rate: 200000 Low Delay: Yes
Video Encoding: H264 Video Filtering: On
Audio Bit Rate: 64000 Video Frame Rate: Half
Audio Encoding: MPEG1/Layer2 Video Resolution: CIF
Audio Sampling Rate: 32000