QVidium Technologies is located in San Diego, California and was founded in 2004. QVidium developes Quality-of-Service (QoS) technologies for transporting video and audio over the Internet and has been granted US Patents 7,522,528 for ARQ error correction and 7,551,647 for Internet Clock Synchronization. Our products enable broadcast-quality video including High Definition (HD) video over Internet networks and provide unsurpassed transport reliability with minimal latency.

PDF Click here for brief description of QVidium's technologies.
PDF Click here for a Presentation describing QVidium's patented ARQ error correction. Because ARQ is feedback-based, and in contrast with FEC, ARQ can generally recover 100% of missing packets with minimal latency. ARQ only resends packets when necessary. Unlike FEC, ARQ does not send unnecessary redundant packets.
PDF Click here for a Whitepaper comparison of QVidium ARQ versus other live, broadcast video error correction technologies.

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